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What is the new AREA 100 KSA?:
It is a shift in pilot training to a competency-based training environment. Area 100 – Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (Area 100 – KSA) are new Learning Objectives (LOs) in ATPL/CPL theoretical training.
Area 100 KSA ensures the appropriate integration of various topics from across the theoretical knowledge course while also developing students’ core competencies during this training. 
Therefore, it should be regarded as a concept underlying the whole theoretical knowledge training system — it is a training philosophy and not simply a new subject. 
This is an area which will be holistically integrated into and throughout the entire training syllabus, and is expected to prepare future pilots not only for the moment of examination, but also for their future career.
Area 100 KSA addresses the need for holistic, output-based training which develops and assesses the pilot’s competencies.

Improving the students’ core competencies (as defined by ICAO), as follows:

1. Communication;
2. Leadership and teamwork;
3. Problem-solving and decision-making; 4. Situation awareness;
5. Workload management;

6. Application of procedures, and to develop their knowledge and understanding of all subject matter prior to commencing advanced commercial pilot training.

The Learning Objectives also cover:

7. Threat and Error Management (TEM);

8. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), and;

9. Mental Maths.

Area 100 KSA differs from other learning objectives (LOs) in the verbs used: Show and demonstrate. Its syllabus has three main objectives:

  • To firmly embed competency-based training in ground school.
  • To provide an effective bridge between theoretical knowledge training and flight training.
  • To encourage the development of the ‘thinking pilot’.

These objectives are reached through involvement, using learning by discovery and scenario-based learning, embedded in real-world situations.

The training philosophy behind this could be then summarized as “Involve me and I learn”, shifting from passive learning to active learning.

Our ATO staff is working on getting fully ready to comply with the start up date.

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